Providing youth with enrichment experiences

About YKoA

We appreciate you for taking the time to visit Youth Keepers of America ‘s website. YKOA is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping young people soar to reach their highest potential and experience the most positive expressions of themselves.

Since its inception, YKOA has worked diligently to develop programs that will provide the following opportunities:

  • Partnering with community professionals and educational entities to create school-to-work experiences with a special focus on promoting positive work ethic and career paths
  • Assisting youth in developing problem recognition and problem solving skills
  • Fostering school attendance and completion mindsets among families to increase graduation rates
  • Conducting “Youthinars” that will address social skills, leadership development and careers
  • Hosting “Parenthinars” that will enhance relationships between parent and child
  • Providing scholarship aid to students pursuing post-secondary educational or certificate programs

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that the information you find will encourage you to become a volunteer and donor. And that you will see this as an excellent opportunity to assist in taking care of the youth of America.

Drs. Otis and Bennie Webster,
Founders of Youth Keepers of America